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Developed by Super Achievers in Corporate World for Today's Superbusy & Stressful Lifestyle 

Today's superfast and dynamic world has made our lifestyle superbusy, stressful and sedentary with very little time for self well being (emotional as well as physical). Another concern is, over the period, many people give up on healthy eating as they miss their regular food, meals and snacks.  

When our founder, Er Nikhil Gandhi, faced the similar hardships, he rather came out with an innovative solution of Formulating Health Supplements as Food Ingredients, Premixes, Ready Cook Instant Mixes so that people can have emotional motivation to continue Healthy Eating habits !!!!

We are a DPIIT (Ministry of Commerce, Govt of India) recognized Startup in Healthcare & Life-Sciences industry (DIPP73987). Established in 2016, we are Innovators, who have developed and manufacturing Clean Label, Healthy, Nutritious, Plant Based, Gluten Free Health Food Products. 

Enjoy the Goodness