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Vegan, Plant Based, Gluten Free, Healthy, Nutritious, Yummy Soup !!!

Updated: Apr 22

Vegan, Plant Based, Gluten Free, Healthy, Nutritious, Yummy Soup from Banamin HealthyBhoj Instant Soup Mix.

Soup, one of the most healthiest but one of the most trickiest meals in Food World!!! Unless the ingredients and nutrients balanced properly, having soup as a healthy alternative may backfire and rather may lead to overeating !!!

Understanding this delicate balance, we at Banamin Healthcare, have developed the recipe using Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes as core ingredients, making it rich in Dietary Fibers, Proteins, Iron, Calcium, other Macro Nutrients, Minerals and Vitamins.

We are Food Lovers who have firm belief that Plant Based Real foods are the true medicines to keep a person Healthy, Cheerful, Fit and Active throughout his life. It is still unfortunate to see that many people have mistaken healthy & plant based foods as boring, tasteless and lack of nutrients.

Hence, we have developed lots of healthy and yummy dishes using plant based ingredients, contains no chemicals, no preservatives, no stabilizers, no colors, no flavors!!!!

Recipe & How to Make it

It takes less than 15 minutes to prepare healthy soups using Banamin HealthyBhoj Instant Soup Mix. The detailed recipe and steps have been shown in the video enclosed below.

As the Instant Soup Mix is just a base without any flavors of its own, there are many varieties of different soups one can develop by changing the other ingredients like different combinations of veggies, condiments, spices. So that one can never be bored consuming same dish everyday !!!

Happy Eating!!!! Let Your Affair With Foods Begin Once Again :)

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