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Importance of Nutrition and Eating Right

Updated: Apr 22

Eating Healthy is not a difficult task it is just a mindset.

It is really unfortunate to see that many people have mistaken healthy & plant based foods as boring, tasteless and lack of nutrients. Further, people think that unless there is some medical condition or unless someone has to loose weight, there is no need to think about eating healthy.

Unfortunately National Family Health Survey (NFHS) shows a very blink picture

More than 50% kids and women across India, across economic conditions, across cities or villages, across religions or casts are Mal-Nourished !!!!!

Don't confuse mal nourishment with under nourishment. mal nourishment means one is not getting adequate nutrients required for growth, fitness and healthy lifestyle.

What to do now ...

We understand that a person can get most of the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins from the balanced daily meals. Joy of eating Real Food is much divine than consuming some capsules or drinks on the name of Meal Replacements. And, our body responds to properly cooked foods in much better manner than those meal replacements.

Hence we have started an awareness program on Importance of Nutrition and Eating Right. We are providing insights to you on how to stay healthy, manage your daily schedule, eat nutritious foods and also satisfy your food cravings intermittently. We do also provide insights on how to cook yummy, delicious healthy foods. We shall be starting the Healthy cooking classes pretty soon

Happy Eating !!!!!

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