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Right Nutrition & Joy of Eating @16700 ft (Base Camp - Dzo Jongo Summit Ladakh

High Altitude Cooking is a challenge in itself. Things become much difficult when you are hiking / trekking in Mountains with entire team.

Hence we have developed a variety of Plant Based, Gluten Free, Nutrition Dense Food Products to Overcome the Challenges of Cooking at high altitude, Satisfying the Food Cravings and Providing Right Nutrition so as to keep the entire team Physically Fit, Energized and Cheerful all the time.

Be it PLAINS or Be it MOUNTAINS, we always ensure that you will get the Right Nutrition and Joy of Eating!!!

So next time, when you plan for an expedition, hiking, trekking activity, don’t forget to pack Banamin Products in your kit 


Find out more or call +91 9316565803

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