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Does a Simpler Life mean Better Health & a Happier Life?

In recent times, more than ever, life comes with anxieties of everyday routine and further fostered by the media by continuously hampering on what to eat, how to dress, how to think and just basically advice (often than not, unsolicited) on how to live our lives.

The number of toxins we are ingressing today in our thoughts, foods, environment, just about everything, should be a wake-up call for all of us, to uncomplicate our lives & live more simply.

Ironical it is, that in times predominated with technology & advancement of sorts in every sphere of our existence, depression & medications are at par too.

Every third or fourth person is suffering from digestive issues, mental issues and some sort of psychosomatic concerns. Diabetes, hypertension, asthma, PCOD, infertility, depression have never been so common in the history of mankind. Is this what we call growth ??

So, how to salvage this?

Uncomplicating our lives, eating wholesome foods & decluttering our minds seem to be the simplest and most approachable way out for all these concerns. Try to incorporate following simple tweaks in your life and you can start seeing the results on how to have a harmonious life.

Walking barefoot, to feel your connection with mother earth and for grounding.

Wake up early in the mornings, as during early hours body is in a natural state to evacuate and elimination is much easier in the early hours.

Workouts, preferably a combination of yoga & some cardio. Pranayama is an integral part of yoga and works immensely towards calming the mind through breath control.

Worship, Yes!!! Develop a spiritual practice that works for you.

Work, the only way to do great work is to love what you do. Your work should make a difference in someone’s life and to the planet at large.

Wholesome foods with more fibers, reducing simple carbohydrates rich foods like white rice, white maida, & including foods like banana flour, jackfruit flour, Millet flour, barley flour can work wonders for the gut health and also your mood. Have more fruits, vegetables, seeds and eating local, seasonal, regional is the key to great health, immunity and more harmonious life.

Try these simple hacks to improve the overall happiness and cheerfulness. If you wish to learn more, contact Ms Nidhi Sharma for a free 15 minute health coaching session.


Author:: Ms Nidhi Sharma, Chief Health Coach, Anand Wellness

Ms Nidhi is a certified health coach from IIN New York and is a trained hatha yoga teacher. Her expertise is in healing gut health issues and hormonal related disorders. She has a firm belief that gut health is the key for good immunity, good health and good mood.

Her coaching program is based on the holistic pillars of vegan nutrition, yogic practices, ayurvedic rituals and rest & relaxation. Ms Nidhi believes in personal engagement with clients and customizing solution for each client as per individual body pattern. The client’s health & wellness goal is always the focus and hence the results are achieved.

Find out more about Nidhi here, or call +91 9930406174