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Smoothies, A best food to relieve stress

Updated: Apr 22

Smoothies, an ideal energy booster, nutrient booster foods when you are under stress.

Of late, lot of people have started understanding the benefits of consuming plant based foods. Smoothies are one of the best plant based drinks which help as energy boosters.

When you are in stress,

mind needed to be calmed down so that we do not end up into overthinking and subsequently increasing the stress level further !!!!

Most people prefer extra strong coffee or alcohol to relive themselves from stress level. Although those are just temporary reliefs as stress level goes back to its original position the moment impact of caffeine or alcohol reduces !!!!

What you need to cope up with stress level is consume natural tranquilizers (e.g. tryptophan) offered by plant based foods

When it comes to getting adequate amount of tryptophan, foods with minimum processing are the best options and hence smoothies come very handy option when we think of using foods for stress relief ...

When it comes to have a natural tryptophan,

Green Banana are one of the best choices...

We at Banamin Healthcare, have developed 100% natural Green Banana Flour which can be used to prepare multiple foods. We have developed many recipes for smoothie using Green Banana Flour. Herewith showing pictures of smoothie developed from Green Banana Flour and Avocadoes as one of the best stress relievers !!!! We will post recipes for our smoothies soon.....

Let your affair with the foods begin once again !!!! Happy eating !!!

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